A comprehensive suite of cutting-edge inspections and potent services tailored to propel your business forward.


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A full range of modern inspections & powerful services for your business

At Texas Drone Works, we take pride in offering a vast array of state-of-the-art inspection solutions and powerful services designed to boost your business. The bedrock of our suite is an all-encompassing set of contemporary inspection services, each meticulously customized to support and improve your operational efficiencies. To deliver impeccable results, we leverage the latest advancements in technology and cutting-edge methodologies.

Cell & Broadcast Tower Inspections

Taking our Tower Inspections service as an instance, we ensure each inspection is carefully tailored to address the unique needs of every client. Our service portfolio is broad, offering more than just standard inspections. We are skilled at identifying signs of corrosion, assessing the state of safety cables and anchors, and providing comprehensive reports for tenants regarding their equipment's status. Additionally, we can pinpoint available lease space on the tower and even create precise 3D models to ensure exact measurements and optimal equipment placement.

Wind Turbine Inspections

Our Wind Turbine Inspections, however, adopt a different approach by incorporating drone technology to enhance safety and efficiency. These drones are tasked with capturing high-definition images that are subsequently analyzed using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and reviewed by our expert team. The outcome is a holistic report that pinpoints any damage and offers recommendations for repair. This method enables you to reduce the need for manual inspections significantly, thereby saving both time and resources.

Solar Farm Inspections

On another note, our Solar Farm Inspections also employ drone technology. Drones empower us to swiftly identify issues like panel damage or accumulation of dust, providing real-time insights for prompt resolution. Owing to this innovative method, our inspections can aid in optimizing panel efficiency, maximizing energy output, and enhancing the profitability of your renewable energy endeavors.

Orthomosaic & 3D Mapping

We are also proficient in providing Orthomosaic & 3D Mapping services, which utilize drones to accumulate data. This procedure involves capturing a series of overlapping images of a designated area. The final outcome includes an array of valuable outputs such as comprehensive orthomosaics, digital elevation models, and intricate 3D representations.

Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Inspections

We also extend Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Inspections. By using drones, we can obtain detailed images of transmission lines and towers, identifying potential deterioration, corrosion, or environmental damage. Given this method's ability to quickly cover vast areas, it significantly enhances safety and efficiency, decreasing the necessity for manual inspections.

Digital Twin

Our Digital Twin service is another unique offering. A digital twin essentially mirrors a real-world entity—whether a product, system, or process—in the digital realm. Serving as an exact digital counterpart, it supports functions like inspections, integration, compliance, monitoring, and maintenance. As a result, it can streamline real-world tasks, making your operations more seamless and efficient.

How we work

Working with us is simple!



Working with us is uncomplicated. Initially, we engage in a dialogue to comprehend your objectives and elucidate how our services, especially our drone usage, can render your tasks safer, more convenient, and more efficient, while also ensuring contractor accountability. After identifying the best ways to assist your company, we propose a plan, which typically incorporates diverse photogrammetry methods.


Data Collection

Once the plan receives your approval, we shift our focus to data collection. We gear up for the initial flight at your site(s), ensuring that all plans, permissions, and authorizations are firmly in place. The next step is undoubtedly the most thrilling—launching the drone to commence data collection!


Process and Deliver

Following each flight—whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly—we upload the data to the cloud for processing. Here, we construct# I will continue with the rest of the text after "Process and Deliver" and inspect all models and generate reports. Once the data is thoroughly processed and reviewed, we deliver the requested final product, which could range from digital twins and stockpile measurements to progress reports and many other insightful outputs.

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We are a seasoned drone company with an expertise in the capture and sophisticated processing of digital data. Our passion lies in the world of drones and the countless possibilities they offer in the realm of digital data capture and processing.

Texas Drone Works is not just a drone company. We are deeply passionate about capturing and processing digital data. Our commitment to delivering superior quality services is unwavering. With a portfolio boasting over 3,000 completed projects and an impressive 98% on-time delivery rate, we’ve cultivated lasting relationships that have led to growth and the discovery of new opportunities. Our mission is to continue offering top-notch services, fostering growth, and unveiling new possibilities in the digital landscape.

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