Offering a Full Spectrum of Drone Services


Wind Turbine Inspections

Firstly, we perform Wind Turbine Inspections. Indeed, our drone inspections make the process of monitoring wind turbine health safer and more efficient. Thus, high-resolution images are captured, AI analyzes them, and experts review the findings. Consequently, we provide a detailed report that identifies any damage and repair recommendations. This method reduces the need for frequent manual inspections.


Cell & Broadcast Tower Inspections

Next on our list is Cell & Broadcast Tower Inspections. Specifically, we tailor our services to meet our clients’ needs. For instance, we can identify rust signs, assess safety cables and anchors, provide tenant reports, display lease space, and generate 3D models for precise measurements and equipment placement.


Solar Farm Inspections

Furthermore, we conduct Solar Farm Inspections. By using drone technology, we significantly enhance efficiency and accuracy. Drones swiftly detect issues like panel damage or dirt accumulation, thus providing real-time insights for prompt resolution. As a result, this innovative approach optimizes panel efficiency, maximizes energy production, and contributes to renewable energy ventures’ profitability.


Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Inspections

Additionally, we carry out Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Inspections. We capture detailed imagery of transmission lines and towers, thereby identifying potential wear and tear, corrosion, or environmental damage. This method enhances safety and efficiency, reducing manual inspections and covering large areas quickly.


Orthomosaic & 3D Mapping

Moreover, we offer Orthomosaic & 3D Mapping. Drone mapping, a simple yet effective process, uses drones to gather data. This process involves capturing overlapping images of a specific area, producing valuable outputs such as comprehensive orthomosaics, digital elevation models, and intricate 3D representations.


Digital Twins

Lastly, we provide Digital Twin services. A digital twin, a virtual mirror of a real-world physical entity, aids in functions like inspections, integration, compliance, monitoring, and maintenance. Hence, this streamlines real-world practicalities.

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